Elemental Portraits

Greetings from the land of yellow!

Are you looking for an unique artwork reflecting the special time here in Ausseerland, Salzkammergut? Something that captures the magic moments of with the beautiful landscape, the sky, the lakes, the forest, the mountains and the ethereal feeling of this connection? 

I am offering unique elemental involutionary portraits. They are analogue, meaning  they are shot on 35 mm film, or polaroids and they have a colourful twist to them.

We will pick a spot, either the lakes or mountains near by and take series of images that  you will chose your prints from. You will be provided with a link to see the final images and choose the ones you want to have printed or customised.  

Prints can be customised artistically too with painting, drawing and or embroidery for a one of a kind piece of art.  These will be  unique  works art for you, a memory of a special holiday.

To stay true to a grounded and earthy process, this is done in a totally analogue way, with 35mm film or polaroid, where you will get different options :

  •   Fine Art Giclée Archival  prints on Hahnemüle  Fine Art paper
  • a more unique and elaborate artwork with an embroidered and painted print 
  • A polaroid portrait  customised.
  • Mounted and framed option may be available depending on your location to be shipped to .

This also means that there is a delay in receiving the finished product as the negative has to be developed, scanned, then a test print has to be done before the final printing and or   embroidering   the final product if that is your option.

For the polaroid version it is a little more instantaneous, with only the physical creative process and framing to follow. Shipping for that one will be 72 hours. 

These  portraits will revive the elementals ( or nature spirits ) in everyone.

We can discuss the various options like black and white, psychedelic, traditional, polaroid version  prior to the photoshoot.

Price list  click here 

Please get in touch below or at Hello@malikasqalli.com  for more infos to schedule your portrait session or call me at +43  66 05 48 1007!


Close Up and immersed in the Landscape 

Img 7027 Copy

Customised Polaroid on pressed flower and gold leaf paper

Fine Art Matt paper
Box Frame Portrait Copy

Box Frame


Tray Frame

Tray Close Up

Tray Frame Close up 

Screen Shot 2023 04 26 At 14.13.Png

Your pets can also have their portraits too! 

For those who don't know me, I am Malika,  Aka Lady yellow, a visual artist living in one of the most beautiful nature landscapes of Austria, and these portrait will capture a special memory.Extensive travels and living in various countries mean I feel more like a global citizen than coming from one place, and the fusion of ideas and cultures have inspired my creative process, of particular interest is our physical and spiritual relationship with Earth and the cosmos. This is a natural elaboration on this process. 

I am also a licensed skydiver, certified Forest bathing guide and was formerly also personal trainer . I was honoured to give a Tedx Talk in 2013 in Casablanca.

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