Rock Stars

Champagne Bubbles

Stars in a glass



Let's go

Clim the fence

Duck down

Trees and branches


Find the spot

The place

The joke 

The smile 

The release.

Lay on the wall, 

The ledge,

The edge. 

Gaze up 

Get lost.

Look ! a shooting star


I saw it.

You too.

Take my hand and follow me

I know a special way

On the milky way.

Come back!

Cartwheel down.

My ground 


Time suspended

Lit with a candlelight

High as kites

Timer - Set - snap - shot - rock stars

That arm around me - tighter 

In A parralel world together.

It's  dream.

For sure, 



No! It's for Real

We sat on concrete,

Epitome of tangible

We dared

Open with our barest heart.... & feet.

Timer - Set - snap - shot - rock stars