Asteroid B612

A spot, a space

A place, in space. 

That place

To Lace Up 

Fragments of life 

Together, tight and taught


I should become astronaut.

That place 

I Make it up 

with whatever I have

whatever I am made of.


A room

For imagination

Taking off , Falling down

The ground

Climbing up, Sliding down

Diving in, swimming back up

It's a line

A life

A life line

Yours and mine.

A gold mine


Are we not all miners of meaning? 

Looking for some sense,


Through all the non sense.

I Walk 

the Alleyways, the Cul de sac, the way out

The pathway, the Driveway

That place, in space, in time

I have Yet To know

Yet to draw

Line by line

Stone by stone